L-Shape Reception Desk (Glass)

L-Shape Reception Desk (Glass)

Product Code: HZ-1069G-ESL & HZ-1080-ESL
In Stock
Price: $769.00

Description:  Glass L-shape reception desk with reversible return plus top. Finish in espresso color laminate.

Dimensions: 71"W×71"D×29"/41"H

Color: Espresso

Price: Starting from $669.00 (front desk only)

Option With Pedestal (see related products): Suspended Two-drawer (Box/File): + $249.00 Full Three-drawer (Box/Box/File): + $289.00

PackageDetails: L-shape desk shipped in 2 cartons. Pedestal shipped in 1 carton.  

* Pedestals(filing cabinets) are not included in the price

* Assembly Required 


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